Supporting families facing social-emotional challenging behaviors.

Many families are facing persistent challenging behaviors due to a lack of qualified professionals that can effectively support families of individuals with developmental or language delays. I’m are here for you! Learn more about my experience.



A free 15 minute consult. I’ll discuss your specific needs and determine if I can meet those needs. If not, I’ll provide referrals to other resources.


Moving forward with services I’ll send a packet of information for you to review further. You’ll send any relevant paperwork for me to review.


Next, we’ll have an interview and family observation, followed by a meeting to review the recommendations for your family.

challenging behaviors


We’ll establish a regular schedule for virtual sessions. Sessions are followed up with specific ongoing family homework.

Guiding Principles

Compassionate Behavior Analysis

Behavior analysis has a reputation for being tough. Fortunately, I was mentored by compassionate leaders in behavior analysis from my start. Of upmost importance is our connection to address your specific family’s needs. I’m looking forward to representing the softer side of behavior analysis.

Acceptance and Commitment Training

ACT is quickly becoming the next wave of addressing behavioral challenges in the field of ABA. I’ve been studying ACT for the last 3 years and have honed my skills in bridging ACT and ABA in application with social-emotional challenging behaviors.